• Research and Development

    Our R&D Team is flexible, creative and experienced in meeting your individual business needs.

    They are experts in food preservation, preparation and customization and are more than happy to assist you with your studies or do the research for you.

  • Toll Packaging

    Dalisay Sweets has the capacity to manufacture your food product needs. You may supply us with your raw materials and we process or pack them for you.

  • Product Customization

    Dalisay Sweets' product customization programs are for those companies with their own product formulation or those with their own existing flavor profiles. Our food scientists have decades of specialized experience and they use these expertise in developing premium custom fit products base on client specifications.

  • Private Labelling

    We are open to private labeling. Our 12oz bottled fruit/vegetables preserves bare different company labels and distributed all through out the consumer markets.