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It was about late 50's when Catalina R. Berroya and Leon Berroya Sr. started as a fruit dealer in a local market. Later on, Catalina thought of putting fruit preserves in bottles as it was the "in thing" during that time. Business actually did well, and in order to expand their market; they started supplying local groceries and retail stores. It was around this time that Mr. Berroya suggested they put up a small manufacturing plant to expand the bottled fruit preserve business. This plant was then named Dalisay.

During the mid 60's, Dalisay was supplying fruit preserves to the big ice cream manufacturing companies of their time. Fruit preserves were still the only product it manufactures. Institutional accounts were preferred rather than direct consumer sales. During this time, Dalisay started learning the intricacies of the food manufacturing industry. Late 60's to mid 70's, Dalisay started to expand into other fruit base products it could manufacture and supply to institutional accounts. Dalisay was now making a name in the food industry. This is the time where the need to be distinguished in the market took priority; thus Dalisay became Dalisay Sweets.

Late 70's to the early 80's; Dalisay Sweets president Leon Berroya Sr. retired and his youngest daughter Cristina Berroya took over the company.

Late 80's; Dalisay Sweets entered the export business .

90's till the present; Dalisay Sweets is trying to reach more of the global market while at the same time, strengthening its market presence locally.